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Accuro’s templates, macros, and Clickable Words technology let you create medical letters that are easier to complete.
Build letters for consults, requisitions, and referrals that auto-fill your patient and Physician demographics, and save directly to the patient’s chart. It’s your time, better spent.
Fast Consults, Referrals and Requisitions
  • Instantly convert forms to letters, customized to your practice
  • Build letter templates that automatically pull in fields from the form
  • Use Accuro's Clickable Words technology to customize your letter in seconds
  • Add referring/consulting physician’s name and address right from the address book
  • Electronically attach lab results, clinical forms, or other documents
  • Fax your created document right from Accuro without having to print and scan
letter generation
"Accuro has allowed me to increase my efficiency in endocrinology with the use of custom lab values and tracking lab data over time. With the use of templates, and specifically using form to letter functionality for my diabetes follow up, Accuro has allowed me to create a very customized flow sheet and extract data from the EMR for quality improvement purposes."

Dr. Ilana Halperin
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Toronto ON

"I rely heavily on my form and letter templates. Once I have them done, it then greatly reduces my charting time and facilitates sending of referral letters."

Howard Green
Podiatric Medicine
Foot Surgery & Sports Medicine

letter generation
What are you waiting for?
Generate medical consult, referral, and requisition letters instantly with Accuro EMR.