Booking made simple

Convenient efficiency for clinics and patients

Booking made simple

Convenient efficiency for clinics and patients

Online Booking Convenient efficiency for clinics and patients

Online Booking makes it easy for patients to choose an appointment that’s right for them and helps your staff reclaim time for more important tasks. Join more than 3,000 Accuro Providers using Online Booking today and discover a more streamlined way to work.
Calculate time saved on the phone
Estimate saved revenue by reducing staff’s time spent phoning patients about their upcoming appointments

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Product Highlights
Control your calendar
Choose the length and type of appointment you make available for online booking to create a schedule that works for your practice. 
Get staff off the phone
Letting patients request appointments online reduces the volume of incoming calls and time spent rescheduling.   
Booking ‘on behalf’
When a patient creates a Care Circle, Online Booking lets caregivers request an appointment online for someone else. 
“Adding Accuro Engage will certainly save you time and money. We initially thought we’d have to add receptionists to answer the telephones, but our numbers have come down with the implementation of Online Booking. By eliminating the need to make phone calls for confirmation, our clinical staff can redirect their efforts to other critical tasks.”

Kristy Ostafichuk
Executive Assistant & Technology Manager,
Lakeside Medical Clinic, Saskatoon, SK

How does Online Booking work for your patients? 
  1. Send a Medeo Patient app Online Booking invitation from Accuro to your patient.
  2. Your patient receives an email notification instructing them to log in and accept the Medeo Patient app invitation. Note: If they never created a Medeo Patient account, they will be prompted to do so.
  3. The patient is then able to book an appointment online and see your available booking schedule.

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What features does Online Booking include? 
  • PIPEDA Approved 
  • Integrated with Accuro  
  • Ability to create Booking Request Types 
  • Ability to Accept, Reject or Respond to booking requests 
  • Customize booking response messaging 
  • Ability to cancel appointments 
  • Dependent Bookings 
  • Medeo Patient app Announcements
  • Apply multi-office availability
  • Ability to automatically accept online booking requests
  • Create booking availability by applying Scheduler Templates
  • Ability to choose Interaction Type 
(ie. In office vs video visits)
  • Ability to adjust length of appointments
  • Mapping
  • Appointment Suggestions 
  • Allow Medeo Patient app Booking Request Appointment Creation 
  • Rule Selection 
  • Booking Request Filters 
  • Checkout / Check-in Button 
  • Appointment Reasoning 
  • Patient Verification 
  • Quick action buttons 
  • Reports 

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See the difference Online Booking can make in your clinic today!