About Us

How many college kids can say they wrote the first code for the most recognized and powerful EMR in Canada? Well, three.

  The story goes that Mike Checkley, Brian Ellis and Lisa St. Laurent teamed up to work on their computer science year end project for college, but they had a problem. They needed a couple new computers and a great idea. With Mike as lead, he set out to find new computers and meet with a local physician he heard had a program problem that needed to be solved. Enter Dr. Tom Kinahan, a Urologist from Kelowna, BC. Dr. Kinahan had searched and searched, but couldn’t find the right EMR that fit his practice, so with Mike knocking on his door, he decided to take a chance on the trio that needed a couple new computers and a project to complete.

Awards and Recognitions, won by Accuro and QHR Tech
Of the Accuro Team is client-facing to serve you better
Accuro is the top-rated Single EMR in the country