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The Evolution of Video Visits

We've come a long way in a short time

The Evolution of Video Visits

We've come a long way in a short time

the story
A Smoother Way to Connect
In March 2020, we released Accuro Engage to clients to meet the sudden demands of Virtual Care during Covid-19. Fast forward three and a half years, and Accuro Engage’s features have been transformed by your feedback, our improved technology, and a commitment to making this transformative healthcare tool the best it can be.
Here’s what Video Visits offers providers and patients today:
  • Powerful features

    • Group Video
    • Screen Sharing
    • Notifications (Appointment Reminders and notification that the Provider has joined the call)
    • Ability to share files, links and add attachments
    • My Care Circle which is a free Medeo Patient app feature that lets patients invite friends, family, or caregivers to participate in their health activities

  • Reliable performance

    • Microsoft’s Azure Communication Services provides critical stability on the front and back end
    • Patient reviews now average 4.6 out of 5 stars—a huge improvement from 2020

  • EMR integration

    • Traffic Manager shows real-time status of the waiting patient
    • Video appointment launches from within Accuro
    • Provider sees when the patient has joined the call from within Accuro
    • Chat summary, including attachments, is saved in the patient’s chart

A New Feel with a Smoother Experience
Our journey moving virtual care forward
  • 2014

    Purchased Medeo Provider Standalone

  • 2020

    Rebranded product as Accuro Engage and became fully integrated with Accuro

  • November 2020

    24-Hour Appointment Notifications for Video Visits

  • January 2021

    Screen Share Feature Added

  • February 2022

    Group Video Feature Added

  • March 2022

    My Care Circle Feature Added

  • November 2022

    Microsoft ACS added to provide video stability

Experience the evolution of Video Visits for yourself and discover what face-to-face connection can do for your practice.
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