Assessment Tools

Empowering Patients


by QHR Technologies

The Accuro Patient Kiosk allows your patients to check themselves in and complete pre-appointment screening at your clinic.

The Patient Kiosk is integrated with Accuro. The moment the patient checks in, you will see them as “Arrived” on the Accuro Scheduler. Currently available in Ontario and British Columbia, patients can check-in by simply swiping their provincial Health Card. If you use the Accuro Traffic Manager feature, your patient is automatically added to the waiting room, and visible to staff on the system.

Available as a freestanding or desktop unit, this intuitive device will improve your clinical efficiency and streamline office workflows, while freeing up your staff for other, more critical tasks.

qhr technologiespatient kiosk


When a patient checks in without a scheduled appointment, they can be automatically directed to reception, or allowed to sign-in with the kiosk. Patients will now be visible within Accuro’s Traffic
Manager as a walk-in.

Patient demographics are displayed at check-in. Customized messages allow you to direct the patient to reception whenever information is incorrect. There are many configurable messages in the Kiosk including a general message that can be set at sign in, such as:
“Due to a recent increase in H1N1 cases we ask that you complete a screening form prior to your visit today.”


Forms can be queued before or after an appointment for completion by the patient on the Kiosk.

Touch screen capability easily allows the patient to complete and sign forms right on the screen while they wait. Consent forms or questionnaires are examples.


Reduce wait times at reception

Automate administration by allowing patients to complete forms

Collect sensitive electronic health information with proven technology

Improve patient satisfaction by providing a more convenient method of check-in

Available as both a tabletop or check-in stand

Available as software only or in combination with hardware