Primary Care

Why Primary Care Loves AccuroEMR

Whether you are interested in improving your EMR experience, or migrating from paper files, Accuro EMR is designed to provide real support for your process. We’re not kidding. With the direction of our Physician Advisory Board as well as IdeaSpace, where 30,000 Accuro users vote on enhancements and improvements, Accuro is built to save time and energy, while improving patient care.

A Flexible Workflow

Accuro provides a flexible workspace that enables GPs to quickly and easily document answers for key questions during a patient encounter – Who is the patient? What did we do last visit? Why is the patient seeing me today? What do we want to do today? For patient records, and to share patient information with allied health professionals, physicians can document patient encounter or progress notes in two ways – text-based or forms-based. The resulting progress notes can automatically generate referral letters when needed.


Accuro Traffic Manager

The Traffic Manager provides the ability to view all rooms and helps to better track patients and manage wait times. Move patients easily from the Wait Room to the Exam Room, all with one drag-and-drop function.


Accuro Scheduler

The Scheduler provides a view of scheduled Providers to make day-to-day management more efficient. As walk-in patients enter the clinic, add-ins are quick and easy.


Accuro Reports

Ensure greater revenue capture by running queries and then performing actions en masse, such as tasks, billing, generated letters and more.