For Enterprise

Large multi-disciplinary clinics have evolved across the country to provide a more holistic approach to healthcare for patients across all spectrums. The evolution of award winning AccuroEMR has followed a similar path. What began as a response to a technologically-driven solution for the no longer practical practice of maintaining paper-based medical records, has evolved into a virtual ecosystem within which healthcare facilities across the country manage both the health of their patients and the wellness of their businesses. In a sense, the growth of Accuro’s abilities has paralleled the creation of the FHT model; the drive to deliver a collection of services based on the efficiencies shared by a common system. Accuro’s development is driven by the providers, patients and infrastructures it serves. As we strive to seamlessly deliver workflow efficiencies, large clinic formats strive to deliver a new level of healthcare in Canada.
And so, we evolve together.


How are large multi-disciplinary clinics finding success with AccuroEMR?


Enjoy the ability to create unique and seperate offices within one shared database.


Team members with access can view patient charts at the same time, contributing to a smooth and organic workflow.

Programs and Groups

Accuro provides powerful features with community integrated care in mind.

Structured Data Entry

The future of healthcare reporting will focus on the meaningful use of data. Accuro supports this agenda perfectly.