Accuro Data Analytics

Data analytics without spreadsheets

AccuroEMR now has an advanced Data Analytics platform that enables clinics to optimize their business performance, gain clinical insights and support patient population health. Organized and consumable data can be readily shared with healthcare organizations to support patient programs directly from Accuro. Many of your colleagues’ clinics are already experiencing the benefits of leveraging strategic data. Why not yours?

Accuro Data Analytics Dashboard

Optimize the metrics of managing your clinic
Analyze health trends in patient segments by age, gender or other, as defined by you
Analyze critical lab or prescription metrics across patient segments of chronic conditions
Make data-supported contributions to peer and research groups

Turn knowledge to wisdom

Evaluate Business Performance
  • Plan ideal staffing levels by assessing peak patient volumes
  • Understand your patient throughput
  • Optimize data to decision – Determine timeline metrics from patient wait times
Gain Clinical Insights
  • Guide preventative care with data-driven decisions focused on patient health trends
  • Support Quality Improvement Plans
  • Analyze critical lab or prescription metrics across patient segments
  • Contribute to Peer and Research groups with clinical data reports


Standardization of Accuro’s data is essential for incorporating best practices at the clinic level. Accuro can offer services to assist your clinic with standardizing data flow from the Accuro database to a Data Warehouse. Data standardization will also determine the best environment for analysis.

Clinic Data Warehouse (CDW)

The Clinic Data Warehouse (CDW) contains a subset of the clinic’s Accuro database designed to remove performance issues when running reports. The CDW can exist within the Accuro server or as a stand-alone server installed within Accuro.

Practice Intelligence

Accuro comes with a library of pre-defined reports categorized as Scheduling, Billing, and Clinical. Accuro’s Data Analytics platform enhances those reports to answer wide-ranging and broad questions around a variety of subjects.