For Specialists

Energize your Practice with Innovation

AccuroEMR has a unique understanding of the nature of the Specialists workflow requirements. By collaborating with specialists from across Canada we have built a tool that truly meets the needs of the specialized physician.

“What stands out to me is that Accuro works with us. Ultimately, we as Specialists we know the workflow, we know what is needed, and by listening to us, you support us.”Dr. Vandana Ahluwalia l Rheumatologist

Introducing the Specialist’s Database

Find out how you can harness the power of Accuro for your specialty. Enjoy instant access to forms and data that allow you to track trends. Progressive specialists will not only manage and plan individual patient care efficiently, but can now learn as they work. Accuro has won praise for its user-friendly design, end-user support, and even its competitive pricing. Typical clinics can save valuable time each week, creating an opportunity to spend more time with patients and solving higher-level challenges.

How is Accuro unique? We collaborate with specialists from all over the country to ensure all the forms, tools and data entry points, specific to your specialty, are now in Accuro. Powered by a new database configured for specialists, data and patient trends are now at your fingertips.

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