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Patient Satisfaction


by RX One and Innovicares

Providing tangible benefit is a key component to ensuring patient satisfaction. At times there can be limitations to prescribing medication based on your patient’s drug plan. Accuro has partnered with leading supplemental drug benefit providers to offer the Patient Choice program.

In cases where you select a medication for your patient that is costly and need to move them to a generic, the patient may be at a disadvantage. We have overcome this challenge. When you
create a prescription from Accuro for a medication that qualifies, a card from one of our providers is automatically printed at the bottom. 

When presented at the pharmacy, the benefit provider will pay the difference between the lower priced generic and the branded equivalent with no additional cost to your patient. This integration eliminates the need for you to hand out physical cards or to stock and keep track of cards, while ensuring your prescribing decision is driven by you, not by cost.

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No cost to patient

Greater patient access to medication

Over 150 drugs covered to date

Provides coverage for patients without private plan

Covers chronic conditions including: respiratory illness, diabetes and pain

Removes barriers to prescribing brand name for your patients