Message Patients & Maintain Control

As part of our commitment to connecting Canadian Healthcare, this first module of the Accuro Messaging suite gets it right.

Start and stop correspondence with your Patients as needed. Share comments, results and documents, right from Accuro. Messaging is ideal for follow-ups, lab results reviews and post-op consultation, reducing unnecessary visits. And don’t worry, only Providers can initiate and close a message thread.

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Messaging use cases:

  • Lab results review
  • Chronic care follow-ups
  • Mental Health follow-ups
  • Remote patient consults
  • Treatment instructions
  • Post-op consultations
Save time: message instead of call
All data is secure and stays within Canada
Patients appreciate improved access and can send attachments (which can be added to the patient chart)
Complies with Health Privacy Laws, unlike regular email
The only secure messaging module that works from inside Accuro

Messaging for real-life workflows

  • Email patients directly from inside the Accuro Messaging window
  • Patients receive a “no-reply” email telling them they have a secure message. Patients login to a secure platform to view your message
  • The encounter is stored in the patient chart, and is searchable
  • Patient can see a record of the encounter, but the Provider controls what is shared
  • Patients receive messages only with contents controlled by clinic. No other data access is granted
  • Patients can communicate on the go using mobile devices